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Yearly Archives: 2020

Do You Know What a Wheel Alignment Is?

How To tell if Your Vehicle Needs An Alignment The mechanics at Harlan Automotive in Murray, Kentucky, get asked a lot of questions, but one of the most discussed is about the significance of wheel alignment. See, many people believe that realignment is just about protecting the treads of the tire and reducing wear. While that is partially true, an alignment is more about suspension and performance. Understanding the Alignment Process Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of the suspension body, which in turn shifts the angles at which the wheels contact the road. Ultimately, these adjustments prolong tire efficiency. Measurements of Alignment Alignment, as with most mechanical work, is about precision. Therefore, to ensure alignment, your vehicle’s mechanic is likely most concerned with three angles or measurements in particular. Toe While camber refers to the tilt, toe refers to the turning outward or inward of a tire. If too much angling occurs in either direction, it can c ... read more


Wheel Alignment

5 Tips to Get More Tire Buying Traction

What to Look for In New Tires It seems like tire shopping should be easy, but like looking for that perfect pair of shoes it takes more than choosing the cheapest on the rack. When you’re shopping for replacements, we at Harlan Automotive feel you should know what to look for. If it’s time to look through the tire sales in Murray, KY, here are a few tips to help. 1. Size It may seem obvious, but you should know what size tire you currently use and what can fit on your wheels. There are advantages and disadvantages to different sizes, and just because they look great on your ride doesn’t mean they’re doing you any favors on the road. 2. Lifetime You know tires wear out or you wouldn’t be in the position to look at tire sales. Manufacturers provide an estimate of how many miles their products should last, but it always depends on your driving habits too. Usually, all-season tires last the longest while performance varieties have a much shorter lifespan. 3. F ... read more


Tire Sales

Tune-up Schedule

7 Warning Signs You Need One Now If you ask any mechanic at Harlan Automotive in Murray, Kentucky, about the frequency and the need for tune-ups, they will probably tell you that most cars need a tune-up once every six months. However, older vehicles and those with a lot of miles may require more frequent trips to the shop to make sure everything is in good shape. Regardless of the recommended frequency of such checks, not every vehicle owner can stick to a strict schedule. Therefore, pay attention to the following seven warning signs that your car requires a tune-up. Ignition Problems Has your vehicle been giving you problems in the morning? Does it not seem to want to start? You may have an issue with your battery or alternator, but the best way to find out is to schedule an appointment with your local shop. Stalling While people learning to drive stick may stall the Engine, for most drivers, stalling is not normal. Also, frequent stalling can signal that something is wrong in the E ... read more


Tune Up

RV Maintenance Tips

Keeping Your Mobile Home On The Move Whether you’re gearing up for a fun-filled weekend or preparing for an extended stay in an RV, follow these RV repair tips to keep your home-on-wheels moving forward safely. Avoid major repair and towing bills by following these tips and looking for a premier auto repair shop in your area today. Check Your Roof A common issue with RVs all around the country is leaking roofs. As your RV ages, it’s a good idea to inspect the roof every three months. Look for signs of cracking, chipping, or bubbling that point to a leak. Ask a local auto repair shop for leading sealant services that are safe for your particular RV model. Inspect Your Tire Pressure Just like your daily vehicle, low tire pressure on your RV can reduce your handling, fuel economy, and horsepower. It can also increase the risk of damage to your tire. Changing a tire on an RV can be more difficult and dangerous than a smaller vehicle, so it pays to prevent a flat tire. Check You ... read more


RV Repair

How Radiators Work

And Why they Fail The radiator is one of the least understood parts of a vehicle, but it’s extremely important. It is a type of heat exchanger that is responsible for transferring heat and cooling down internal combustion engines. When it works properly you don’t even notice it. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with the radiator, the results are often disastrous (and expensive to fix). To avoid being stuck on the side of the road in Murray with a smoking radiator, here’s what you should know about how these important vehicle components work and fail, and when you should receive radiator repair. How They Work Most modern-day cars have radiators made from aluminum. They have both fins and tubes. Coolant designed to keep the Engine from overheating flows through the tubes, while the fins take the heat from the tubes and transfer it to the flowing air in the radiator.Sometimes, the tubes have a turbulator inside them, which is a type of fin that increases the turb ... read more


Radiator Repair