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7 Warning Signs You Need One Now

If you ask any mechanic at Harlan Automotive in Murray, Kentucky, about the frequency and the need for tune-ups, they will probably tell you that most cars need a tune-up once every six months. However, older vehicles and those with a lot of miles may require more frequent trips to the shop to make sure everything is in good shape. Regardless of the recommended frequency of such checks, not every vehicle owner can stick to a strict schedule. Therefore, pay attention to the following seven warning signs that your car requires a tune-up.

Ignition Problems

Has your vehicle been giving you problems in the morning? Does it not seem to want to start? You may have an issue with your battery or alternator, but the best way to find out is to schedule an
appointment with your local shop.


While people learning to drive stick may stall the Engine, for most drivers, stalling is not normal. Also, frequent stalling can signal that something is wrong in the Engine, so get to a mechanic ASAP.


Most vehicle owners are familiar with the sounds of their cars. They also recognize when something sounds a bit off. It is essential to pay attention to any strange sounds, like humming, clicking, or rattling, because noises can be a strong indication of something wrong with your Engine. If you hear something out of the ordinary, get your car checked.

Leaning Steering

Do you notice that your vehicle pulls to one side or the other when you aren’t holding the wheel tight? If so, then you may have an alignment issue, which could be caused by other underlying problems. Take your car to the shop to have the leaning investigated.

Poor Fuel Mileage

When there are problems in the Engine, you will likely see the fuel efficiency of your car reduced. Poor fuel mileage is a sign that the engine is working harder than it should.

Weak Braking

While it is normal for brake power to decline over time, it is something you need to be aware of as the driver. Routine tune-ups will check your brakes, ensuring you can have full confidence in their
stopping power.

Warning Lights

Last, pay attention to the warning lights on your dash. If you see the check engine light, or anything else, contact Harlan Automotive and schedule an appointment.


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