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How Radiators Work

And Why they Fail The radiator is one of the least understood parts of a vehicle, but it’s extremely important. It is a type of heat exchanger that is responsible for transferring heat and cooling down internal combustion engines. When it works properly you don’t even notice it. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with the radiator, the results are often disastrous (and expensive to fix). To avoid being stuck on the side of the road in Murray with a smoking radiator, here’s what you should know about how these important vehicle components work and fail, and when you should receive radiator repair. How They Work Most modern-day cars have radiators made from aluminum. They have both fins and tubes. Coolant designed to keep the Engine from overheating flows through the tubes, while the fins take the heat from the tubes and transfer it to the flowing air in the radiator.Sometimes, the tubes have a turbulator inside them, which is a type of fin that increases the turb ... read more


Radiator Repair