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When is it Time for an Oil Change?

5 Things to look For If you are like most motorists, timing your car’s regular oil changes can get confusing. Conventional advice may give you one recommendation, while your car’s owner’s manual says something else entirely. How can you know for sure when to bring your car in? Here are five signs that it’s time. 1. You Have an Oil Leak Oil smells inside of your car may mean you have an oil leak. If your tailpipe starts emitting smoke, you have another sign of leakage on your hands. Get your vehicle into the local auto center for immediate inspection. 2. Warning Lights Are Illuminated If your car’s check engine or oil change lights are on, you need professional help with your vehicle. Both signals are a warning that immediate maintenance is needed to keep your car working properly. 3. Your Car’s Oil is Dirty Oil that is dark or dirty when inspected with a dipstick needs to be changed. Check your oil once each month to make sure it is still clean, as b ... read more


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