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Auto Repair in Murray & Paducah

Tune Up in Murray & Paducah, KY

Long-Term Vehicle Care — Harlan Automotive

Why You Need Tune-Ups

Caring for your vehicle doesn't stop when you buy it. If you invest in your car's health throughout its lifespan, you'll enjoy long-lasting performance and reliability! Harlan Automotive in Murray and Paducah, Kentucky helps drivers of aging vehicles protect performance durability with tune-ups. These services support engines with minor, but crucial repairs to keep the system performing its best. If you don't get tune-ups, small parts may fail and hinder your vehicle's ability to achieve optimal fuel efficiency or power. Eventually, neglected engines will fail and require major, costly repairs. Tune-ups are a way to check on the heart of your vehicle before major problems arise and prevent those from occurring. Ask our experts today if a tune-up could help your vehicle! We accept all makes and models at our state-of-the-art facility.

Why Choose Us

Harlan Automotive has proudly helped drivers in our community since 1991. We are here to support their vehicles' long-term success and health with maintenance services and high-quality repairs. Our AAA Approved, ASE Certified technicians understand how important quality is to long-term vehicle health. We use the best parts and techniques in our tune-ups to protect your car for miles to come. And with the promise of our nationwide 2-Year/24,000-Mile Warranty from NAPA AutoCare, we can give you the confidence to continue driving your vehicle around the town or the country with full coverage. If our repairs don't hold up, you can visit any partner location for a fix at no additional charge. As a RepairPal Certified shop, our team is committed to serving our community with reliable auto care. Visit us today to start benefiting from our professional services.

Have places to be during your vehicle's service? Enjoy a free loaner car or our free shuttle service to get around Murray or Paducah, Kentucky while we get to work. We'll notify you as soon as your vehicle's service is complete!

Schedule a Tune-Up

Your vehicle was designed to last, but it needs support from you to get there! Tune-ups are the best way to care for your aging vehicle and ensure that it reaches major milestones. You could enjoy the top performance from your car well beyond 100,000 miles with the right maintenance and repairs. Find out what it will take for your car to succeed for years to come by visiting our expert technicians. We'll let you know how your vehicle's major components are doing and what minor repairs are needed to protect optimal performance. To schedule your tune-up, call us at or use our online system to select an appointment that works well for you. 

You can also bring your vehicle directly to either of our two auto repair shops.

Murray Auto Repair Facility

408 North 4th Street, Murray, KY 42071

Paducah Auto Repair Facility

2500 Wayne Sullivan Drive, Paducah, KY 42003

We'll get you back on the road in the best version of your vehicle!