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Key Replacement in Murray & Paducah, KY

Need New Keys? — Harlan Automotive

Key Duplication & Replacement

Lost your car keys? It happens to the best of us. That's why Harlan Automotive in Murray and Paducah, Kentucky provides convenient key replacement services. When you can't find your car keys, we've got you covered! Since 1991, we've helped drivers create duplicate keys and program remotes for all makes and models using state-of-the-art technology. We can provide solutions for any kind of lost or broken key, including:

  • Smart Keys (with push button start)
  • Integrated Keys with Remote Head
  • Electronic Transponder Keys & Separate Remote
  • Keyless Entry Fobs
  • Metal Car Keys

We guarantee that our replacement and duplicate keys will function seamlessly with your vehicle. That's because we only work with high-quality products, never aftermarket knock-offs that aren't properly suited for use. In most cases, finding a duplicate key is easy. But if you need a replacement after losing your only one, we work hard to provide a solution quickly with as little stress as possible. Once we confirm vehicle ownership and the VIN number, we can cut a new key for your vehicle. We also reprogram electronic keys with your vehicle's computer system to align any anti-theft features your car might have.

Make a Duplicate Today!

If you only have one car key, you could be in a lot of trouble if it gets lost. You might be stranded while running errands or stressed to find another way to get to work. Starting the replacement process with no key to duplicate is inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming. All you can do during that time is wait, because there's no other way to start driving your vehicle again. Sometimes there's no other way around key replacement, but duplicating a key before it's lost is much easier and cheaper! You could save nearly half of the money you would pay to replace keys for your vehicle by taking cautious measures and duplicating your existing key. While we are certainly happy to help drivers who need us for key replacement, we also want drivers to have the money and stress-saving option of duplication. Visit our shop today to learn more and save yourself some future trouble!

We're Here For You!

If you are having difficulty getting into your car, it could be because of a dying remote battery, bad door lock actuator, or broken key. Harlan Automotive has the training and experience to identify the problem with your vehicle's entry and ignition system. We can tell you if you need a new key, lock, ignition cylinder, or door actuator. With your approval, we can perform replacement service to get you back on the road free from the inconvenience of key problems. For more information, call us at or stop by our shop. You can find us at either of our two locations. Murray Location: 408 North 4th Street, Murray, KY 42071. Paducah Location: 2500 Wayne Sullivan Drive, Paducah, KY 42003. While we fix your keys, we can help you stay on top of the day with free shuttle service to local destinations and free loaner cars. We look forward to serving you!