Big Green Egg Grills in Murray, KY

Are you looking for a Big Green Egg Grill in Murray, KY? Harlan Automotive is your trusted dealership for Big Green Egg Grills. We boast of being the only authorized dealership to provide this revolutionary grill in the Murray area and surrounding areas.

Entertaining guests while having BBQ or sharing a hearty meal has been an American tradition for years. We are delighted to enhance that experience by providing a grill that combines advanced technology and proprietary processes to ensure that you get nothing but high-quality and durable products.

Here are some of the grill’s most notable features:

Revved-Up Heat Insulation

Many grills in the market have a common shortcoming: heat loss. Not only does that increase your spending on fuel, but it also means longer cooking time. You can turn things around by purchasing the Big Green Egg at Harlan Automotive. The Big Green Egg Grill comes with advanced heat insulation that packs high heat within the grill for maximum cooking efficiency.

Versatility at Another Level

From burgers and hotdogs to potatoes and corns, you can rely on the Big Green Egg grill to supersede your expectations. It comes in seven different sizes, which means you can find the one that suits your lifestyle effortlessly. Also, operating the grill requires no propane gas, power cables, or pellet augers. It features a unique EGG design that requires none of these attachments and components. As a result, you'll be proud to present every meal you cook in the Big Green Egg.

Enhanced User-Friendliness

Lighting the fire in the Big Green Egg is simple. It comes with quality lump charcoal, made of natural hardwood to give your foods a distinctly inviting flavor. You can get the fire started using Big Green's natural charcoal starters or an electric igniter. Unlike the conventional charcoal briquettes, Big Green's lump charcoal produces more BTUs, reducing the cooking time with unsurpassed performance. That eliminates the need to use chemical gas and electricity, giving your food a mouthwatering taste.

The EGGspander 5-Piece Kit: Bring Out Your Culinary Creativity

The designers at Big Green wanted to create a stand-alone grille that could evoke the user's cooking creativity. It features an Eggspander 5-piece, multi-level rack system that enables you to explore various cooking systems to fit any recipe. It also comes with top-quality, wooden work surfaces on either side, providing an all-in-one grill. If you are looking for a quality, affordable, and versatile grill, think no further than the Big Green Egg at Harlan Automotive in Murray, KY. Contact us today and we will ensure that you get a grill that satisfies your culinary lifestyle.

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